A manifesto

It’s 1 August 02122. This is Ventures’n’Law.

  • A result of learning-by-doing. A team of freelancers turned into a remote law firm, grown into a legal organisation deeply rooted in global community and its issues.
  • A place where we’re not afraid to make decisions that might seem contrary to the status-quo. Where working remotely as lawyers was the norm before being pandemic-recommended. Where building for startups and SMEs was the focus when everybody else was looking somewhere else. The work needed to be done is, sometimes, the most evident one.
  • A different culture in the legal industry space. A place you like enough that, when you leave, it’s for a different industry or for your own project.
  • A safe place. A colleague or client, old or new, can ask anything, for as many times needed, until we all get it right. Together. No backlash, no ego.
  • A place of big goals, most ahead of their time. Sometimes, we have failed to meet them. This is a feature of big goals, not a bug.
  • A place where people come first. Projects and professions come and go, the world stays smaller than an apartment block. We’re all neighbors.
  • A world of legal solutions. We can’t please everyone with what we do, but we try to understand each person’s struggles. This makes us better, which in turn makes this organisation better.
  • A place where we think in decades and try to convince others to think using the same timespan. Where we aim for LifeTime Value with each colleague, client and community for, literally, a lifetime.


Throughout history, humans have tried - and still are - to make sense of the world and conduct themselves by creating rules. Some were called Laws. Humans have also tried to find new ways to solve problems. Some of these attempts were called Ventures.

It was 1 August 02022. The story of Ventures’n’Law began.