Founders & managers listening to a peer talking about the legal solutions they've used in the business.

How a tech services business finds legal solutions

Dec 11, 2023

We don't hear enough about founders & managers while in the process of building their companies.

And we don't hear almost anything about their challenges and struggles, and ways they've overcome them.

We're lucky at Ventures'n'Law to get in the trenches daily with founders, managers and investors and find the right legal solutions for them.

For the 2nd time around, we've partnered last week with ROTSA (the Romanian Tech Startups Association), Startup Reaktor and EIT Digital for the 'Adventures in Law' series.

We got Cătălin on stage to share Linnify's journey up to now.

We talked about moving from product to services and back to product; hiring and expanding to other geographies; the services for equity model and how to structure it; how to articulate a vision and document it with your founding team, and more.

I'm thinking about guests for future episodes - online or offline - in 2024. If you have any people who you'd like to see share their adventures in law, let me know.